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  2. I talked recently with someone who was skeptical of nutrition’s importance after reading this post, and figured out that he wasn’t using the evidence from hunter-gatherers in his evaluation.

    That evidence is a key part of my reasoning, and I apparently didn’t emphasize that evidence well enough.

    So I’ll try again. Cardiovascular disease causes about 1/4 of all U.S. deaths. Scientists have looked for similar deaths in modern hunter-gatherers, and found zero. It’s also quite rare in third-world countries. Lindeberg’s table 4.1 compares the U.S. to Uganda in 1951-1956, showing how many deceased men showed signs of previous myocardial infarction at autopsy:

    Age USA Uganda
    40-49 31 of 178 (17%) 0 of 178 (0%)
    50-59 51 of 199 (26%) 1 of 199 (0.5%)
    60-69 32 of 98 (33%) 0 of 98 (0%)
    70-79 8 of 24 (33%) 0 of 33 (0%)
    80+ 2 of 9 (22%) 0 of 9 (0%)

    So, if we had an intervention that provided the cardiovascular benefits of a pre-industrial lifestyle, that would have more impact on health than all of the medical innovation of the past few decades. Are you willing to bet against nutrition being an important part of such an intervention?

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